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About OUR Tours

All visitors are to become members by completing a membership form required by Marion County.

Summer Tour Schedule

First Wednesday of the Month and Every Saturday at 10:00am
Gate Opens 9:30am
Please be here no later than 9.45am so we can get you checked in and paperwork done before the start of the tour which begins at 10:00am

Tour Details

Animals to see: Lions, Liger, Tigers (Orange & White) Bears, Leopards, Bobcats, Cougar, Monkeys and more!
Description: This is a slow moving guided walking tour on 35 acres of land. We educate the members on how the animals came to EARS and information about animal habitat in the wild. PLEASE NO PHOTOGRAPHY
For safety reason there is NO touching or interaction with any exotic animal. It’s the Law. Florida is a No Contact state, and the FWC Florida Fish and wildlife requires that ALL guest to our sanctuary stay back and absolutely no touching. All members must obey EARS membership tour rules.

Day Membership

Book your Day Membership Tour and enjoy a walk on the WILDSIDE.

Group Tours

Book a group tour for you and your family. Call us for details and forms, so we can prepare for your group tour.


13 to adult is $20/person
3 to 12 years is $12/person
Kids under 2 is FREE

Pay Cash or check upon arrival

We Love Our Visitors


After you’ve made your reservation with Sue (352) 266-2859, if you have further questions, make sure you contact her well before the day of the tour.

  • Arrive promptly. The perfect time to arrive is 15 minutes prior to your tour start time.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes on your paws. High heels are not a good choice for walking in dirt, leaves and sand.
  • Stay with your herd. All stragglers will be “rounded-up” by EARS Volunteers.
  • Keep your cubs by your side at all times.
  • Do not attempt to touch any of the animals at any time.
  • Please remember you are a guest of EARS. EARS reserves the right to ask anyone at anytime for any reason to leave.

We do our utmost to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable, most memorable experience at EARS!
Thank you for your cooperation & support!
We look forward to meeting you!

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Thank you in advance for helping the big cats & all the animals at EARS!


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Open Hours

Every Saturday
Gates Open 9:30am, Tour Begins at 10:00am


2615 E Highway 318
Citra, Florida 32113